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Buying and Renting

Matching and tailoring needs, dreams, and desires to find the perfect property. Having a combination of techniques and knowledge to identify customer needs resulting in quality interaction for a fulfilling experience. Showing originality and resourcefulness when searching for a property establishes the capability and credibility that the client needs to make a decision.


The ability to create a successful buyer experience, delivering confidence and trust through interpersonal skills helps the buyer to make a quality purchase resulting in the selling of the property. Guiding the client through the process of analyzing recent sales, to establish real asking price and all the necessary details to sell the property. Her strategic skills and natural negotiating abilities enable her to produce excellent results in the selling of a property.


Estimating or analyzing property values, when necessary, in selling or buying of a property.

Market Analysis

Gathering recent comparable sales to assist clients in making an informed decision, whether it is for buying or selling a property.

Legal Advice

Access to in house legal counsel.

Accounting Advice

Available referrals to competent accounting professionals.

Architects or Interior Design

Available referrals to competent architects and interior designers.