About  Priscilla Ferrer

Our vision

35 years of profession have taught us that there is an invisible link between spaces and the people who inhabit them, an umbilical cord, an indissoluble link that makes them feel that every square meter, every corner, is a possibility for a new life; a blank page to write, to know a new country or cherish your own, to enjoy the natural environment of this land blessed by the sun, the sea and an exuberant nature.

Our mission is to listen, to detect that sparkle in the eyes, that half-drawn smile, that dilated pupil. To understand that each person has their needs and aspirations and to find, like a needle in a haystack, that precise and precious place, unique and singular, that adapts to your way of being and living; that corner of the world where illusions come to life. And to help you make this project a reality.

That is why we accompany you in all phases of the process: from the selection of the most exclusive neighborhoods, property appraisal, to legal and accounting advice. Also referrals to competent architects and interior designers. A process in which you are the protagonist and the center. And a house that will be a home but also the beginning of a new story.


Priscilla Ferrer was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is well known in the real estate industry for her outstanding professional trajectory and achievements for both lending institutions and clients. Her dual present practice, as both broker and appraiser, enable her to stay tuned with real estate market value, trends, and preferences.

The Ferrer family has had several outstanding architects in Puerto Rico therefore architecture has always been very much a part of her intuitive keen eye regarding sound construction and good design. Prior to becoming a Real Estate Broker, she already had 29 years of ample experience in commercial and residential appraising. Her years of experience in the appraisal practice, her bachelor’s degree in Retailing at Syracuse University, New York and her passion for selling has provided her with the perfect tools in assisting her clients with finding a desired home.

In 2019 she joined the sales team of Luxury Collection Real Estate achieving an outstanding performance due to her extensive real estate background and access to clients. Transactions included luxury homes in Dorado, Condado, Old San Juan and Guaynabo. Her client portfolio has included well-known professionals from Puerto Rico as well as new residents of Puerto Rico under Act 60 (previously Act 20/22). Match-making and tailoring dreams are among her natural passions and abilities. Whether it is a small house or a large house she has the talent to find the dream home for her client, the actual fuel that drives her passion. Her knowledge of the real estate business, analytical skills, and attention to details are valuable assets that make a difference when assisting clients with the buying, selling, or renting of a dream home in Puerto Rico.

In 2023, she founded Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate, P—F, reaching a personal goal of being able to exclusively assist every client with her own customized tailoring in the realty business. Her real estate knowledge, professionalism, accessibility, ability to solve complicated matters, commitment, and trust worthiness positions her as an outstanding Broker within the industry in Puerto Rico.